lunes, 4 de mayo de 2020

English MEDAP: Queen Elizabethan

Queen Elizabeth I - Siblings, Reign & Death - Biography
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One of the most important celebrities in the Modern Ages

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  1. I am surprised that there is a era that it´s name were Elisabethan.
    I think that Queen Elisabeth I was a very good queen.
    But she was enemy of Spain.

  2. Is very interesting the queen Elizabethan I like it
    Thank you Carlos!!!!

  3. Is very interesting and easy.
    Thank you Carlos!!!

  4. I like this because te Queen is bery nice and she has a very interesting history.


  5. I have read that she could have married Philip II but Felipe II said no. I liked the text.

  6. ÁFRICA ARBUÉS URZAINQUI. :)5 de mayo de 2020, 9:35

    jiji izan yo tambien las confundo jaja

  7. It was a liitle bit difficult to understand this text. I needed help.